Tiled Roof

Tiled roofs look great but over the years they are affected by weathering which causes them to become porous and take in water, crack and split or the pointing to fall apart and come away from the ridge cappings. If this happens to your roof then you need not threat, we’re here to help.

A roof restoration can make your roof look new again and water tight. The process usually involves the following:

  • High pressure cleaning of the roof and inside of the gutters.
  • Broken and chipped tiles are all replaced and repaired.
  • Sealer coating is applied to the roof.
  • Ridges are repointed using flexible pointing material.
  • Two coats of acrylic roof membrane are applied to the roof.

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Weathered tiled roof


Cleaned & Repointed


Fully restored by Newcastle’s Roof Restoration Specialists